St. John’s the Baptist Wenje Parish – Garissa Diocese

Garsen Parish is under the patronage of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a Parish within the Catholic Diocese of Malindi and among four parishes in the Central Deanery.  The parish was founded February 2017. It is now three years old.

The Parish has only 2 (two) outstations namely; Sacred Heart of Jesus, Garsen and Mary Mother of God, Idsowe. According to the censures done in February 2020, the Parish has a population of approximately 300 registered parishioners. There are 6 Small Christian Communities in the Parish including Idsowe which is autonomous community. The following Apostolic groups are active in the Parish: – CMA, CWA, Youth, PMC, Altar servers, and members of the Choir. CJPC is a recognized group in the Parish but it’s not active at the moment.


  1. Procurement of pastoral vehicle in the year 2018. 
  2. Emergency relief for families affected by floods and drought in the year 2019 and implemented in the year 2020.
  3. Emergency food aid for families displaced by floods in the year 2020. Project was funded by NLW-Germany.