Health care

Since its inception in Kenya, HGFs has been able to start a number of health  institutions across the region. Integrated community development: aims to support communities improve their quality of life through ensuring access to quality health services, building resilience for households to ensure access to food and basic needs. This is achieved through implementing activities from different technical sectors including; livelihoods and resilience, health and nutrition, water hygiene and sanitation, disaster response and peace building


We ensure that children and their families delight in quality health care services, great uptake in safe deliveries, full immunization, access to clean water and hygiene practices

Tangulbei Divisional Medical Programme

TDMP was established in 1995, to provide quality primary healthcare to the Pokot pastoralist community in the three Divisions of Tiaty East Sub County, (Tangulbei, Churo and Mukutani) all covering approximately 900Km2. The approximate population in the three divisions is 151,428 people (East Pokot Sub County target population 2014). The community faces multiple vulnerabilities including poor hygiene practices and diseases, harsh climatic conditions, and perennial inter-community conflicts.

The program consists of a static health facility at Tangulbei Sub-County (on the mission grounds), 3 health centres (Chepkalacha, Katungura and Nasaltuko) and 8 mobile clinics outposts in the villages of Chepumgus, Siria, Nyalilpich, Sossion, Ayan, Orus, Kokwatoto and Kalapata in Tangulbei, Mukutani and Churo divisions of Taity East Sub-County. Approximately 10,000 patients receive treatment from Tangulbei Medical Programme per year as opposed to the original targeted population of 5,000. Currently, the TDMP is involved in four major areas of community service including education, health, WASH and spiritual nourishment.

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